The State of Evidence Management Associations

State associations that are available to support their local evidence management members are a powerful resource for facilitating efficient, effective, and sustainable change. State associations connect evidence custodians with other like-minded members, provide networking opportunities, and deliver state-specific consulting that’s tailored to the evidence management community. 

Unfortunately, there are currently more states without evidence management associations than those with them. With your help, we would like to change that. 

But, before we get into the specifics, let’s talk about the important work the existing evidence management associations are doing and how your agency could benefit by establishing a state association of your own. 

Active Evidence Management Associations by State

Evidence Management Associations

Each of these states has an association dedicated to the unique needs of property and evidence management. If you work in one of these states, drop everything you’re doing and join them today. Our industry has a critical need for advocates who understand the local environment. Organized groups provide a collective voice that can create change at the local and state level.

Arizona – (AAPE) Their mission is to provide ways for property and evidence professionals to communicate with each other about common issues that affect the safety of property/evidence personnel and the security and integrity of the evidence they manage by promoting professionalism and exchanging information and ideas.

California – (CAPE) They promote professionalism in property and evidence gathering, processing, and retention through information sharing, training, and support. CAPE is a non-profit organization made up of both civilian and sworn personnel. Membership is open to all those involved in the processing or retention of property and evidence for criminal justice agencies.

Colorado – (CAPET) They strive to educate and train Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies on the collection, preservation, storage, safety standards, and disposal methods as it relates to evidence and property.

Florida – (PEAF) We are Evidence Custodians, Property Officers, Crime Scene and Lab Technicians, Supervisors, Managers, and Directors that handle, transport, collect, convert, store, test, and destroy property and evidence. Our purpose is to promote education and professionalism of the Property and Evidence function within the State of Florida.

Illinois – (IAPEM)  The Goals of the I.A.P.E.M. are:

MinnesotaOur mission is to share information and resources about all things property and evidence related that are MINNESOTA-SPECIFIC; in accordance with our state statutes. Our goal is to assist in the uniformity of Property and Evidence Room operations across agencies throughout Minnesota and create positive change at the state level regarding standards and operating procedures.


To promote professionalism and integrity within the Property and Evidence function through research, education, and information sharing. 


Nebraska – (NAPE)  Is committed to improving the integrity of the evidence function of each department, supporting the work of law enforcement, and serving the judicial system by raising the standards of technical expertise.

New Mexico – Promoting Education and Professionalism of Property & Evidence Sections

within the State of New Mexico. 

North Carolina – (NCAPE) An association of peers joined together to develop and implement standards to educate various stakeholders in the evidence process about the importance of professional evidence technicians, and to facilitate training to increase the knowledge and skills of handling evidence.

Oregon – (OAPEO) Promotes the professionalism of the property & evidence function within the state through the cooperation and sharing of information with individual agencies, and improving support, communication, and training. 

Texas – (TAPEIT) Their purpose is to promote professional education, laws, rules, and guidelines for maintaining the integrity, chain of custody, and disposal of property and evidence. They offer updated resources and training in all areas regarding the storage, processing, analyzing, and ultimate disposition of criminal evidence and other property in the custody of law enforcement agencies.

Virginia – (VAPEP) They promote education and training and increase the level of professionalism of evidence management personnel by teaching them the proper collection, preservation, storage, processing, and disposal of property and evidence through cooperation and sharing of information with individual agencies.

The Evidence Management Institute was created to improve the culture of evidence management throughout the justice system. We would like to bring that change to you and your state. We are looking for evidence managers and custodians in underrepresented states, who are interested in improving the culture of evidence management. 

Our part of the equation is simple

Evidence Management Associations

We would like to identify representatives from states who want to create an evidence management association and support the development of new organizations by helping them create a legal, independent, educational non-profit. We will help fund the filing by providing grants to pay for the legal costs and filing fees to establish a 501c3 organization.

The Evidence Management Institute will be there to support you in every way we can as your organization grows and establishes a presence in your state or region; because what you do matters. 

The only expectation we have for you is… to change the world

We don’t want to control your organization or run it from a distance. This only works when local agencies unite for the common purpose of improving evidence management operations across your state. We believe there is intrinsic value in bringing people together and planting the seeds for positive change. We have the resources to connect and kick-start that process and we think it will make a meaningful difference; not just in your state but across the industry.

If you think your agency would benefit from an association dedicated to the unique needs of your state, fill out the form below and we will begin the process of establishing an organization dedicated to connecting, educating, and supporting your evidence management community. 


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