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The EMI Standards and Best Practices Guide provides meaningful guidance for all aspects of your evidence management operations.

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Agencies can’t afford to make important decisions about their evidence management operations in a vacuum. Access to the right information is critical to sustainable evidence management. As a key part of our mission, the Evidence Management Institute wants to put that information at your fingertips, in one reliable source, available to you all the time. We are always looking to add resources that help you find answers to your questions and give you the tools to ensure your success.
The first two pieces of the puzzle are ready for you to explore. Our standards and best practices guide will give you a strong foundation and provide insight into all of the different things you’ll face related to evidence management. Our resource page will direct you to the right place to find the right information at the right time.
Check this page often, because we’ll be publishing new resources every month and updating our links on a regular basis. Soon, we will be posting policy and packaging manual examples that reflect the best the industry has to offer.
We also welcome suggestions for improving the quality and quantity of resources available on our site. Contact us below. We welcome questions and comments of all kinds.



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