Comprehensive Audit

Comprehensive Audit of Process and System (CAPS) Consulting Services

The Evidence Management Institute CAPS (Comprehensive Audit of Processes and Systems) Consulting Service involves a deep look into almost every facet of your agency’s property and evidence operations and provides an exhaustive evaluation and assessment of your operations.

The CAPS process begins with an extremely thorough online data collection and collaboration phase with each client as we develop a baseline understanding of your operations. After the initial phase is completed, EMI consultants will typically spend between two to four days on site directly observing, inspecting, evaluating and auditing each aspect of operations.

Focus areas include: Operational Resources and Demographics, Workload Analysis, Intake Workflow Processes, Digital Evidence and Technology Systems Analysis, Special Consideration Processes (Firearms, Narcotic and Currency), Review of Policy Procedure and Documentation, Storage and Packaging Processes, Facility Security and Safety Inspection and Disposal Processes.

All analysis is predicated on the Evidence Management Institute’s Standards and Best Practices Guide, which provides clear insight and the strongest possible foundation for evidence management.

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