Evidence Consulting and Audits

Consulting and Auditing Services Overview

As an integral part of the mission of the Evidence Management Institute, we offer a comprehensive set of services to help client agencies achieve sustainable, efficient, and effective evidence management operations.

We approach evidence management consulting as a systematic collaborative process, building stable solutions that address the unique needs of your operation. We work with each client to draft a blueprint solution designed around your specific needs and challenges.

Because time is your most valuable commodity, almost all of our data collection and reporting can be accomplished online through our client portal, dramatically reducing the impact on our clients as we develop a deep understanding of your processes, challenges, and needs from our evidence management audit.

The scope and depth of the services we offer are as varied and unique as the agencies we serve. From our free online Evidence HealthCheck tool to our Comprehensive Audit of Processes and Systems (CAPS) consulting, we can partner with you as you secure the chain for your evidence management operations.

Explore the full range of our professional service options:

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