22 in 2022

22 in 2022: Our Campaign, Your Platform for Change

One of the most powerful advocates for evidence management is an active state or regional organization that can speak for its local members. There’s no better resource for local evidence custodians than others who deal with the same issues, often in the next town or city. Local associations provide networking and state-specific training that’s tailor made for local members. Did you know that in almost 80% of the country, there is no organization to advocate from evidence custodians on a state or regional level?

Change Requires a Reason

I’ve been teaching across the country for several years now, and where there are state or regional associations, there is a higher level of influence on issues that affect evidence management operations. Now there are a hundred reasons why there aren’t state or regional associations everywhere; time, money, agency support, geography… But there isn’t one good reason why we shouldn’t change that reality across the country.

Change Requires a Voice

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Virginia. Each of these states has their own state level organization dedicated to the unique needs of property and evidence management. If you work in one of these states, drop what you’re doing and join them today. Our industry has a critical need for advocates who understand the local environment. Organized groups provide a collective voice that can create change at the local level.

Change Requires a Platform

The Evidence Management Institute was created to change the culture of evidence management throughout the justice system. We want to bring that change to you and your state or region. It’s really a simple idea, but we need you to make it work.

The Road Map to 22/2022

To create that change, the Evidence Management Institute is kicking off what we hope will impact the industry for years to come. We are looking for evidence managers and custodians in states and regions that are underrepresented at the state or regional level who want to change the culture of evidence management. We want to see the number or state and regional evidence management organizations jump from 10 to 22 by the end of the year in 2022.

Our part of the equation is simple:

  1. Identify representatives from states who want to create a state or regional organization.
  2. Host and Connect representatives at a lunch or dinner meeting at no charge or obligation to you or your agency.
  3. Cast a Vision for the potential of developing a state or regional organization in your area.
  4. Support the Development of new organizations with assistance in creating a legal, independent educational non-profit.
  5. Fund the Filing by providing grants to pay for the legal costs and filing fees for the establishment of a 501c3 organization.
  6. Establish relationships and foster change. The Evidence Management Institute will be there to support you however we can as your organization grows and establishes a presence and a voice in your state or region.

Because What You Do Matters

The only expectation we have for you is to change the world. We don’t want to control your organization or run it from a distance. This only works when local agencies unite for the common purpose of improving evidence management operations across your state. We believe that there is intrinsic value in bringing people together and planting the seeds for change. We have the resources to connect and kick start that process and we think it will make a meaningful difference; not just in your state but across the industry.

Change Starts with You, Today

If your state or region would benefit from an organization dedicated to the unique needs of your area, then sign up today by filling out the form below, and we will begin the process of connecting evidence managers and custodians in your part of the world. 

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